Outreachy Diary Update #3

I must say that this week has been quite intensive, productive and rewarding, especially when you see that things are starting to take shape and you start getting into the flow of things.

You can see this quote unfolding its truth especially during focus groups, which we had a couple of during the last week. Being faced with different prespectives and views is a pleasant process since its a big contribution for our research but also us in terms of increased empathy towards others.

After reviewing the materials on “How to conduct a focus group” I am starting to shape the idea on holding some of them in our local hackerspace with fellow local Mozillians. That is something quite special in my daily work, as it will be held in our native language. This might require a different approach for obvious reasons.

I also got the chance to read some helpful material related to our case study work lately. ”Interviewing for Mozilla”made a huge difference in how we perceive the interview, the interviewer and the interviewee. It proved to be an outstanding guideline on how to build a successful framework for interviewing, conducting the interviews and establishing them.

During the call we also discussed the main points of it and exchanged our thoughts on how to make the implementation in different Mozilla communities successful.
Last but not least, if you are reading this blogpost and think that you or someone you know has interesting perspectiv to share about diversity and inclusion, please do not hesitate to nominate them (or yourself). Every opinion counts, yours too! Help us make Mozilla a champion of Diversity & Inclusion in the digital era!


Having said that, our team is currently working on “Building the library of case studies“. Stayed tuned if you want to be updated in the upcoming weeks!

Outreachy Diary Update #2

“If you work for something you love, you won’t need to work a day.”

This is one of my favorite quotes that also expresses my positive feedbacks and happiness of being able to get more in touch with topics about Diversity and Inclusion and to have a broader understanding of its meaning. The last two weeks have been crucial for me to understand the situation and while it also helps recognize the great range of problems we need to face nowadays, it’s motivating to have been equipped with the right tools to have an impact in this field.

My first week was spent reading and researching new strategies on how to help grow the diversity within Mozilla. Also I had the chance to read a lot of valuable articles and blogposts which gave me the needed background to understand the process to of developing a program in the long term.

Mozilla offers a quite diverse environment with people joining from various ways of life. It’s not even a “politically correct” thing to do, as it has been scientifically proven that greater diversity increases empathy in a work environment, and therefore also productivity.

I had the chance to have a call with my mentors and other Outreachy interns from Mozilla working with the same project as I do. Furthermore I learned that Interviews and focus groups are two of the most succesful forms of qualitative research. People are asked about their perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes towards different concepts and strategies.

I am really so excited to the upcoming work, doing the interviews and the focus groups. More to this soon!