Outreachy Diary Update #4

I must say that the start of February was quite intense. After finishing some tasks in outreachy, FOSDEM was waiting for a full weekend. This year I was lucky enough to be a speaker at Mozilla Dev Room, talking about Women in Open Source and Outreachy, together with Gloria Dwomoh who presented “Diversity user research, how to become a better listener”. FOSDEM is a also a great place to gather and meet with mozillians from all over Europe. I got a really positive feedback and also gained some valuable contacts from people with whom I met after the talk. I also helped at the Mozilla booth which is a fun experience since you talk, share and educate people about mozilla’s mission on a large scale.

AS FOSDEM was coming to an end, I also prepared myself for a very busy week that would be waiting for me. I had a great focus group with women who are also part of the local community. I gained some interesting insights and experiences from them and also three other 1:1 interviews from women who are part of other FLOSS communities like Wikipedia and Fedora. Other interviews and focus groups will also be conducted within a couple of weeks.

Soon we will have also the FAQ on First Language Interviews and how to make them successful.

Stay tuned!