I would say April came quiet nice in Milano, it’s always nice when some open source event is happening.

On 6th, in Piazza della Scienza,was organized the Free Software Activity Day by WikitoLearn Italia.
There were 7 speakers in total, coming from different backgrounds and presenting a various open source projects like: Mozilla,Open Street Map, Fedora, WikitoLearn and also Rust. Mozilla had a big presence in the event,together with my 3 other Mozillian fellows: Daniele ScasciafratteEugenio Petullà and Riccardo Iaconelli we come all from the same  TechSpeakers program.
Mozillians never forget to take swags with them!
So stickers for everyone!

It was quiet an intensive day but very informative and interesting.
It lasted for around 4 hours. The audience was very interactive and all speakers received feedback and comments.

It doesn’t come as a surprise to me anymore when I hear albanian in the halls of conferences I have been to.

After the event, together with the organizing group we went to bar near the venue for a beer and then everybody joined us.
People started socializing which is one of my favorite parts in such events, since people get to know more about each others hobbies and interests.
Before going to Milano I was told not to miss italian food and especially “pizza”  well… of course I didn’t.
All that success was finalized with a nice pizza and a lot of laughs!

It was great to be there and hopefully will see them all soon!