Yayyy! For the first time we had a meeting in OpenLabs and a presentation dedicated to Debian.
In our hackerspace we have various GNU/Linux communities that are quite active such as Fedora,Redhat, OpenSuse and we were only missing Debian.

As soon as we got to know that Daniel Pocock (Debian Contributer and a big supporter of OpenLabs)  wanted to organize a presentation: “Intro to Debian”, we immediately proceeded with creating the event and promoting it.
Even though it was summer and  people usually go at the beach, a considerable number of people were highly interested to get to know how things really work in Debian and how their community is built. We were so happy to have someone who was willing  to share with us his experience in this community.
I was fascinated by the way that the community was build: the inner structure was very horizontal, and in my opinion it’s quite unique on it’s own way.

We also had the chance to listen that people can contribute in such a variety number of fields, for those who come from technical background who can contribute at coding and those who come from social science fields who can very well start building communities or any other activity that they feel like they do best. This meetup was very constructive and we are sure that this won’t be the last one, other Debian presentations will soon start in our hackerspace from new contributors.

Stay tuned!