One of the most recent projects that FSFE is undertaking is to help the community define itself and for everyone to come on a common understanding of what are the values and what are it’s mission and goals.

Since its founding in 2001, individuals engaged in the FSFE, from coordinators and volunteers to full-time employees, have come to develop their understanding of what FSFE is and what our shared values are. Sometimes the views expressed by individuals have been similar to one another, sometimes they have diverged. That’s all fine, since people’s thoughts and perceptions are constantly changing.

A strategy review in 2014 identified at least seven different ways that people describe and communicate what FSFE is. This phenomenon is a result of the process of evolution and is fine. Moving forward, we see a need for us to come together under a common identity; a shared understanding of what FSFE is, what’s important in our work, what values we have and share, and how this shapes FSFE for the future.

With the FSFE in 2020 project, we are looking to define and renew the identity of FSFE, a process similar to one we undertook when founding the organisation.

Now, 15 years later, we will be able to reflect on our work over the years and come to an understanding of what aspects of our identity have remained genuine and guided the organisation through these 15 years.

Our primary focus will be on taking interviews from volunteers, coordinators, employees and others who feel that they have a connection with FSFE. We will also talk to people outside of the FSFE who have come in contact with our work and will be able to reflect not only on how we perceive the FSFE inside of it, but how we’ve managed to convey our identity to the public over the years.

We will ask individuals to participate in interviews, sometimes directly, sometimes by asking for people who are interested in participating. We’ll conduct surveys circulated through our community and newsletter, and we will share our findings regularly, on our web pages, and on our team wiki (

Click here if you would like to take part in the survey.

We’re starting on an exciting adventure, and we hope you will join us on our way forward!