It is such a good feeling every time I am being in a Mozilla event.
For the 8th edition Mozfest was organized and was so awesome.
Before the official start I had the chance to socialize with other people from different communities and it is one of the best ways to gain knowledge of the most interesting project going on by different people.
It was interesting since, there wasn’t everyone from Mozilla or Mozilla contributor but also people who were engaged in a total different thing but still had something unique to share with others.

On Saturday afternoon I had a talk at decentralized session about: “Mozilla as a role model for online diplomacy.”

It was a good opportunity also to catch up with other people from different work groups. We had a Mozilla Reps photo, which was go nice getting all in the same place after a long time no see, and definitely we couldn’t miss a group photo with all Tech Speakers <3

The event was structured in a very nice way, there were 5 sessions and each of them had a different talks or workshops going at the same time and people had a LOT of choices and could go in every session they wanted. Decentralization, Security and Privacy, Digital Inclusion, Open Innovation and Web Literacy.

MozFest was really a unique experience for me and would definitely love to get back there.

PS: It was the first time for me in London as well, and it was exactly I was told it was, no surprises at all.

See you all hopefully at the next MozFest.

Till then enjoy Firefox Quantum 😀