I was born in Tirana, the capital of Albania, which was the most communist country in the world from 1945 until 1990.

I’m known as Kristi, and my surname is Progri.

My personal development has been centred in the setting of my favorite hackerspace, and it was there that my mindset was formed.

I’ve been there for almost 6 years now, proudly contributing to various projects such as Mozilla, Debian, LibreOffice, and Wikipedia, and also contributing to policy-making papers for lobbying in public administration to implement Free Software programs.

I like to talk about history, and I enjoy conversations about religion, culture and society, and hearing other people’s perspectives on these.

I believe and care deeply about equal rights, and so I work to build diversity and inclusion in Open Source, attending events around the world as a speaker, where I give lessons and tips on how to build healthy communities.

You can download my CV | Resume here.